Casino Crime Roundup: Tennessee Business Raided for Illegal Gambling

The owner of a Tennessee convenience store was arrested Friday after police searched the operation for illegal gambling.

A scene in Gasden, Tenn.
A scene in Gasden, Tenn., pictured above. A convenience store there was raided for illegal gambling. (Image: BestPlaces)

The suspect, Nimit Patel, 40, was charged for allegedly paying game winners in merchandise, but then exchanging the winning tickets for cash via a third person, according to officers assigned to the West Tennessee Drug Task Force.

Patel was charged with gambling promotion, aggravated gambling promotion, possession of a gambling device or record, and resisting or obstruction of a legal writ or process. He was booked at the Crockett County jail. and his case was turned over to local prosecutors.

During the raid, officers seized $4,208, two gambling machines, ledgers, and payout slips, police said.

The business was identified as “The Country Store” also known as “E & T Gas” in Gadsden, Tenn., according to Tennessee TV station WBBJ.

Police were tipped off about possible illegal activity taking place at the business, which led to an investigation by undercover officers who gathered enough evidence for a search warrant to be issued by a local judge.

Car Stolen from Casino Lot

A Nissan Altima sedan was stolen from Delaware Park Casino in Wilmington on Friday afternoon.

State troopers arrested Breana Brooks of Dover, 28, for theft of a motor vehicle, according to a statement from Delaware State Police.

Brooks allegedly stole the car keys from a woman’s jacket pocket inside the casino. The victim had left her jacket near a slot machine. The owner of the jacket wasn’t near the jacket when the keys were swiped.

Brooks then went into the parking lot and eventually matched the keys to the Nissan left in the parking lot, police said.

State troopers were able to identify Brooks as the suspect after reviewing casino security footage.

Brooks was spotted in the stolen car on Saturday before being arrested by Dover Police Department officers. She was booked at Delaware’s Delores J. Baylor Women’s Correctional Institution with bail set at $2,000.

Police didn’t reveal why Brooks allegedly stole the car.

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