West Virginia Casino Visitor Threatens Employees, Chased by Cops, Sets Fire in Hospital: Police Reveal

An unruly and intoxicated man threatened workers at West Virginia’s Mardi Gras Casino and Resort, before leading Nitro, W.V., cops on a high-speed chase early on Friday, officials said.

West Virginia’s Mardi Gras Casino and Resort
West Virginia’s Mardi Gras Casino and Resort, pictured above. A drunk man began a disturbance at the casino and led police on a chase. (Image: Groupon)

The suspect struggled with officers, was eventually captured, and then taken to a local hospital where he allegedly set a fire in the emergency room.

Police identified him as Joshua Robert Orlikoski, 41, of Jonesboro, Tennessee. He was charged with fleeing with reckless indifference, according to West Virginia TV station WCHS. Other counts are possible.

The incident began at about 1:30 a.m. Friday. After getting into a confrontation with casino employees, he walked to his car. He got into the vehicle and as he drove away from the gaming property he went through a stop sign, and nearly crashed into other vehicles, police said.

Eventually, he stopped the car some six miles away from the casino at a local bridge. Kanawha County deputies and St. Albans, W.V., police officers went to the stopped vehicle.

Tasered By Cops

They ordered him to get out of the car. He allegedly refused and struggled with officers.

Officers then responded with what were described as “closed handed strikes inside the vehicle to gain compliance,” according to court documents. They also zapped him with a taser.

Orlikowski had been “belligerent towards officers” and threatened to hurt several officers before they responded with force.

He suffered probe punctures and cuts during the struggle, police said.

Officers then transported him to the emergency room at Thomas Memorial Hospital, located in South Charleston, W.V.

Orlikowski continued to struggle at the hospital.

Used Lighter to Start Fire

He had snuck a lighter into the hospital. He used it to start a fire in the emergency room, police said. The small blaze was quickly contained. Damage was believed to be minor.

None of the officers suffered serious injuries during the struggles with the suspect, according to initial reports. Nor did any hospital or casino employees get serious injuries.

He was holding an open bottle of beer when police apprehended him.

It’s unclear why Orlikowski got into the initial fight.

As of midday Friday, Orlikowski was released from the emergency room after getting treated at the hospital. He was booked at South Central Regional Jail. His bail was set at $10K.

His case was turned over to local prosecutors.

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